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Jakub Ślązak


We advise both individuals and legal entities in criminal proceedings, with a particular emphasis on commercial and fiscal aspects.

We also represent clients in civil proceedings if the subject of the dispute is beyond the scope of assistance provided by the firm's other niche departments; and also assist the members of the other departments with the conduct of litigation.

Given the fact that litigation might often result in serious and long-term consequences, not only do we attach great importance to achieving a favourable resolution of the dispute, but also to the protection of the client's image and reputation.


We advise and represent clients in all aspects of criminal proceedings (with a particular emphasis on criminal-commercial and criminal-fiscal proceedings), as well as civil and commercial matters.

In particular, our services include such matters as:

  • collating and reviewing documentation and assessing the merits of the client's legal position
  • assessment of the risk associated with criminal, civil and commercial proceedings and preparation of long-term scenarios of the proceedings
  • assisting with negotiations, drafting settlement agreements
  • representing clients in proceedings before, among other things, common courts, arbitration tribunals and courts, the Supreme Court, public authorities, administrative courts, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection and employment tribunals.

Ulotka: Zespół Procesowy

For several years we have participated in numerous criminal proceedings (both acting for defendants and injured parties/auxiliary prosecutors), as well as civil and commercial proceedings. Our experience and knowledge enables us to provide our clients with reliable legal assistance at the highest level.

Thanks to the large number of lawyers in the department and their continuous professional development we are able to fulfil the new and numerous responsibilities that are incumbent on both parties to litigation as a result of the significant changes to the criminal procedure, which will come into force on the 1st July 2015.

Our team's experience includes, amongst other things, participating in the “media proceedings” concerning the following events:

  • the robbery at cash and carry wholesaler “MAKRO” in Zabrze (acting for the defendants)
  • the disaster in MTK (acting for the defendants)
  • the disaster in the mine “Halemba” (acting for the defendants)
  • the disaster in the mine “Wujek” Ruch “Slaska” (acting for the defendants)
  • allegation of accepting bribes in the mining and medical sector (acting for the defendants)
  • representing the auxiliary prosecutor of the company ART B in criminal proceedings, in particular, against the defendant, Mr Boguslaw Bagsik
  • representing the shareholders of MCI Management in proceedings for payment against the Treasury. The firm was represented by one of the partners and legal counsels, Mr Robert Wtorek.

Ulotka: Zespół Procesowy

Jakub Ślązak - lawyer

tel. +48 32 783 88 00


Ulotka: Zespół Procesowy



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