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Terms of bussiness

Types of Fees

Monthly Retainer

A fixed fee payable for monthly legal assistance on a particular matter, regardless of the amount of work and time spent on the matter.


  • A precise budget for legal services
  • A dedicated legal advisor at your disposal
  • Constant access to legal advice for your business

Combination of monthly retainer and hourly rate

A charging method most commonly used in case of legal services provided to businesses where the client agrees to a number of hours that will be necessary to complete the task (such costs are lower than additional hours – an adequate estimate of hours will significantly bring legal costs down).




– if it is difficult to estimate the amount of work, but if you have a budget which you cannot exceed this will be one of the best charging methods for you. The work will be charged on a time spent basis at the agreed hourly rate. We also agree a further limit once the initial sum has been exceeded, regardless of the amount of additional work undertaken by us.


hourly rate

amount of hours


How much will you pay?

According to the hourly rate

15.000 zł

According to the CAP charging method

12.500 zł

Hourly rate

For those clients whose needs for legal assistance change dynamically or require legal advice on an ad hoc basis, but want to have access to quick legal consultation and assistance, we recommend a charging method based on an hourly rate and time spent on carrying out the work. Our hourly rates can be negotiated depending on the complexity and volume of legal work. Our hourly rates are not differentiated depending on who undertakes the work (i.e. blended rates).

Success fee

- a payment for the actual effects of our work and successfully achieving the objective. We accept some liability for achieving a solution which is advantageous to you. We use this method not only in contentious matters, but also in:

  • contract negotiations
  • purchase of shares
  • purchase of property
  • voluntary arrangements with creditors
  • blocking a hostile takeover
  • defending contractual claims for damages
  • challenging unfavourable decisions of tax offices

Depending on the situation, we adopt various methods of calculating a success fee.


In case of contentious matters we always try to be flexible and adopt our fees to a particular situation and often propose a combination of our main charging methods:

Example 1
In those matters where it seems that it might be difficult to achieve the intended result; the outcome is unpredictable and the initial amount of work is very substantial (perusal and analysis of the matter) our clients will need to cover the initial costs that are usually the highest at the initial stage. In the subsequent stages of the case, depending on the client's preferences, we adopt the charging method in accordance with:

  • hourly rates
  • rates for trial date (fixed or varied from the appeal)
  • success fee - a percentage of the amount which is the subject matter of dispute/claim, or a previously agreed fee for achieving the intended success.

Example 2
In order to spread the risk between the firm and client, in particular circumstances we propose that the client pays some of the legal costs upon successful conclusion of the matter.


What does our remuneration depend on?


The nature of instructions – regular or interim

The duration of contract – a defined or undefined term

The scope of contract – specific or general

The spread of risk between the firm and client

The place of work – at the firm's or client's offices

The preferred charging method

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