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"Always with the utmost care".
An interview with Messrs K. Slazak and R. Zapior

Beata Rajcar: "We provide safe and effective legal solutions” - this is what you have said on your website. Please persuade me that this is more than just an advertising slogan.

Mr Krystian Slazak: This slogan, as you call it, was created relatively recently; and it is much younger than our firm. The firm was established in 2002 with a team of just a dozen or so lawyers. Within a period of 10 years we practically became a medium size business. Nowadays Slazak, Zapior & Partners employ almost lawyers, combined into ten teams.. We are able provide legal services to every trade, regardless of the size of business. Of course, we also provide legal services to individuals. Therefore, having been on the market for almost 13 years we can say with confidence that the firm provides safe and effective legal solutions.

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Our assets:

12 years of practical experience

46 experienced lawyers

16 specialisations

Leading position in rankings

Trusted by more than 1,500 clients

An information security management system in accordance with the standard ISO 27001.


We are one of the largest legal firms in the south of Poland.
Every year we hold leading positions in the national rankings.


Together we can achieve more,
that is why we work closely with organisations such as:

Centrum Pro Bono

Fundacja "Pomoc Dzieciom Śląska"

Helsińska Fundacja Praw Człowieka

Stowarzyszenie SPES

Dom Dziecka Mysłowice




Stowarzyszenie Zielona Trzebina

Stowarzyszenie "Hospicjum"





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